Zee Bioskop is an entertainment company that originated come from India. Under the name of Zee Entertainment, Zee Bioskop provide premium movie and drama in cable television. Working together with First Media and Indovision, Zee Bioskop is now a place to look when find India or Bollywood premium movie.

During Zee Bioskop operation in Indonesia, there is a need for increasing awareness, specially to develop love of Bollywood in social media. In this task, Indonesia Advertising were lauch Facebook Ad Campaign on Zee Bioskop fan page with the objective of getting 300k likes both organik and using ad.

In reaching the objective we are creating multiple ad in facebook, targeting male female audience, age 18 – 40 years old location in across Indonesia

What we do:

  • Social Media Ads : Facebook Campaign Likes 300k
  • The campaign is divided into more than 10 different ad type and friendly hashtag to ensure the effectiveness of the ads and reach many people. This Facebook ads get in total 336.693 likes and 18.267.168 people reached.

Social Media Campaign And Development


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